Awry2, ongoing

In November 2021, Dr Teah Carlson, Dr Ali Lara and I launched Awry2 (“Awry squared”) – an online space for experimenting with form as a commitment to decolonising Psychology.

Awry2 is embedded within Awry: The International Journal of Critical Psychology – an open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the idea of a free and open exchange of scholarship from a range of disciplines, perspectives and methodologies.

Awry2 is where Awry goes awry. As co-curators, we hope for it to be somewhere where the decolonial possibilities of experimenting with form are both given some breathing space and put to the test.

You can get more of a sense of what we are committed to in our inaugural issue, where we each published our own painted (Teah), poetic (Ali) and performative (me) pieces. I also had the honour of having two pieces published in response to mine – a Māori response by Carl Mika and a Pākehā response by Tim McCreanor.

Please reach out if you’re interested in joining us for future issues – either as a submitter, reviewer or guest curator – we’re excited to grow the Awry2 whānau!