New View Campaign, 2008-2016

I was a scholar-activist/artist with a transnational, intergenerational feminist grass-roots collective to challenge the privatization of sex. Projects have included:

I. The development and implementation of a street rally in Manhattan, NYC, including script-writing, props/costume-making, and performing for a guerilla theatre piece.

II. Organizing and participating in an activist-exhibition in Brooklyn, NYC, Vulvagraphics, to celebrate female genital diversity through art.

III. Designing and exhibiting a spoof advertisement and associated installation, The Fitting Room, for female genital cosmetic surgery.

IV. Developing creative and interactive workshops on the New View approach to sexuality.

V. Organizing a counter-conference, Framing the Vulva, to examine the personal and political complexities of the increasing attention given to female genitalia.

VI. Developing an arts-based undergraduate Study Guide of Orgasm.Inc, a documentary on the role of the pharmaceutical industry in female sexual medicine.

VII. Developing and performing in Placebo, a small piece of guerilla theater at the NYC premier of Orgasm.Inc.

VIII. Writing, producing, and co-directing Dr Vajayjay, a spoof in-house training video (with Study Guide) to raise critical literacy on the marketing techniques of female genital cosmetic surgeons.

IX. Organizing the campaign’s capstone event, including the collection and curation of archival material into a multimedia exhibition on ‘The Story of the New View Campaign’, including creating six A0 collages that are now included in the Leonore Tiefer Collection of the Kinsey Institute Archives.